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Costs for Rights and Material - Newsletters

If you would like to receive a price quote to license one or more of our cartoons, please provide key usage details.

The costs below are guidelines that are based on:
- One-time, non-exclusive usage of the image(s);
- Your receipt of cartoon, attribution language and one-time non-exclusive rights;
- Delivered to you via e-mail usually within two business days of the price being accepted by you.
- Payment for newsletters is to be received by the Cartoonist Group within 45 days of the invoice date.
- Payment may be made by sending us a check (with our invoice number on the check) or by calling (206) 284-6765 to pay by MasterCard or Visa. Please note that 3.5% is added to credit card orders due to processing fees. Please see here for additional payment details and options.

Base Price - Print Run
General Pricing
Less than
25,001 - 100,000
100,001 - 200,000
More than 200,001
* Profit
$ 300
$ 400
$ 500
$ 600
* Non-Profit
$ 125
$ 175
$ 275
$ 330
$ 400
* Electronic
$ 300
$ 400
$ 500
$ 600
$ 700

Volume Discounts - Click here

Reuse/Pickup Rates - Click Here. (For subsequent editions to rights granted previously.)

Educational Use - Click Here.

Payment Information - Click Here.

Please note that Under no circumstances does licensing of an image for reuse entitle the party licensing the image to change the image or to use the image for any use that has not been specified.

Please note that all images may not be available for all republication requests due to preexisting licensing agreements or other considerations. If an image is unavailable, we'll do our best to find a suitable alternative.