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Reprint Cost Guidelines - Educational Usage

Fair use guidelines allow certain uses in accredited academic settings and in student papers. Information about these are found here.

Still have a question? Think of the guildelines as meaning one-time use in an accredited academic institutuion as part of an effort for which you either give or receive a grade.

If you have copies of the cartoons and your usage meets the above guidelines, there is no cost to use the cartoons. Please add the following note adjacent to each cartoon: This image is copyright protected. The copyright owner reserves all rights.

If you don't have copies of the cartoons
and your usage meets the above guidelines, there is a $25/fee/image for us to provide material. We can generally provide one day with our receiving payment. If you'd like to pay for a cartoon, please contact us and we'll provide an invoice.

Please note that all images in this database are copyright protected and, therefore, they may not be changed or used in anyway that violates the copyright owner's interest. Furthermore, the copyright owner reserves all rights in the images.


If your usage does not meet the above guidelines, please contact the Cartoonist Group to receive a price quote based on your specific plans. We'll do our best to respond to your inquiry in one business day and material usually can be delivered to you via e-mail within two days of the order being confirmed.

General Guidelines - Click here.

Volume Discounts - Click here.

Reuse/Pickup Rates - Click Here. (For subsequent editions to rights granted previously.)

Payment Options - Click Here.

Please note that under no circumstances does licensing of an image for reuse entitle the party licensing the image to change the image nor to use the image for any use that has not been specified.

Please note that all images may not be available for all republication requests due to preexisting licensing agreements or other considerations. If an image is unavailable, we'll do our best to find a suitable alternative.