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Rudy Park

Published 2015-03-15 (Image 123477)

I cant wait till the Entourage movie comes out. Me an my boys are going to see it opening day. You and your "boys"? What "boys"? You dont have any "boys." Of course Ive got "boys." Every main character is surrounded by a group of friends. They may make fun of each other, they may get each other into trouble once a week. But theyre always there for each other. Im the main character in my life. Not really. "Main characters" make things happen; they dont just sit back and let things happen TO them. Youre more of an extra in your life. Every time I post a selfie, I get at least 30 "likes." Would an extra get anywhere near 30 "likes"? I stand corrected. Youre not an extra. Youre just the cameraman.

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