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Rudy Park

Published 2020-08-15 (Image 182139)

For several years, intelligent beings from outer space have been circling earth. Theyve tried to make contact but havent been able to get through corporate phone trees, bad cell reception, clogged voicemail boxes, but, after years of cold-calling numbers, a breakthrough! Hello, thank you for calling. Hello! This is Zork. Hello Zork. How may I help you? I am from another galaxy. Im making first contact. Wonderful. Wherever youre from, we can work with you. Lets start with your zip code. My zip code? Did you say you wanted the gold or bronze channel package? I ... Im not sure. I just want to talk to somebody. Terrific. We here at Satellite TV Central offer a triple-play package with phone and internet service. We shouldve gotten HBO. Tonight on CNM: Is there intelligent life in space?

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