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Rudy Park

Published 2018-05-13 (Image 170941)

Im sorry, were all out of mocha. Want something else? Yes, I want you to run to Starbucks and get me a mocha. Im  what? Sorry, I cant do that. You have to. Or Ill sue. I saw your menu from the sidewalk. Im not following. If your menu is viewable from the sidewalk, its considered advertising. If you advertise a product but you dont have it in stock and you dont cross it out, thats false advertising. And thats a crime. So whats it going to be? Are you going to run down to Starbucks or do you want me to bring the wrath of the entire judicial system down upon you? Im not sure any of that is true. But I could use the fresh air. While youre there, would you be a poodle and get me a cheese danish?

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