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Rudy Park

Published 2018-03-04 (Image 168535)

I wonder what life was like before the internet. What are you talking about? You dont have to wonder what life was like before the internet. You were here! We have no proof of that. Ive googled myself. Theres no reference to me existing prior to 1994. No blog posts, no photos, no tweets. I mean sure, you can find my birth certificate, but that means nothing. There is nothing online that was written by me, personally prior to 1994. Stop that!!! I found a box of old polaroids. Theyre supposedly pictures of me as a child. But theres no proof of that. There are no photos of me that have verifiable metadata or time stamps prior to 1994. Dont look at me like that. There isnt a single link proving you existed prior to 1997 ... so respect your elders. Stop that!!!

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