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Rudy Park

Published 2017-11-05 (Image 164017)

What can I get you? The pumpernickel sriracha margarita mocha sounds good. Ok. Can I get you anything else, maam? Yes. An explanation of the Fermi paradox. Would you like the most common explanation, or the latest explanation? The latest would be lovely. Despite knowing there are trillions of planets out there, we havent seen any evidence of alien life because were part of a simulation. We exist on the computer of someone living in a higher reality. The limits of our knowledge are dictated by the sophistication of the guys program. Hes been steadily upgrading the program. Thats why the Hubble telescope "discovered" all those "old" galaxies, and thats why weve "discovered" thousands of new planets. Well "discover" aliens as soon as the guy running our simulation gets around to installing the "alien life" expansion pack. I meant to ask for that "to go."

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