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Rudy Park

Published 2017-09-24 (Image 162444)

What brings you to therapy, Mr. GroupeƩ? You can call me "Booster." Dr. Noodle. Hey, who was that who just left your office? Was that that historian I saw on TV? Herodotus Jenkins? I cant say. Hes the best. He come here this time every week? I cant say. And whos that out in the waiting room? Is that Brock Manly of "Fast & Furious 12" fame? I cant say. What brings you here? I heard you treat all the famous people. I just thought it might be nice to know the rich and famous are as messed up as me. This is a space for discussing you, not other people. I hear you, I hear you. Whatd Brock Manly say when you told him that?

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