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Rudy Park

Published 2017-01-29 (Image 152972)

What can I get you? An explanation about why Disney cant do what we all want the to do … and have the folks who made Rogue One go back and remake the super-lame Star Wars prequel trilogy. Would you like the inaccurate explanation or the accurate one? Inaccurate would be lovely, please. Its too soon to remake "Phantom Menace." Plus itd be confusing. Besides, the prequels were good enough. Whatre you talking about? Its been 18 years since "Phantom Menace." And movies get rebooted all the time, and no one gets confused. And no, they were most definitely not good enough. Well you asked for the inaccurate version. Oh. Can I try the accurate one, then? Ok. Its because its just easier to pretend the prequels never existed. But I want them to officially never have existed.

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