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Rudy Park

Published 2016-12-18 (Image 151672)

I suppose youre wondering why Ive called you in to the café at 3am, minion. Too tired to wonder, boss. Its come to my attention that youre underreporting your cash tips by a whopping average of 0.003%. And thats impacting me. The whole reason Im allowed to pay you less than minimum wage ... is because tips are supposed to make up the difference. When tips fall short, Im supposed to raise your pay. I think we can both agree that thats an absolutely unthinkable horror of biblical proportions. But Ive come up with a plan that I think youll agree is a win-win solution. Youll give me all your tips, and Ill keep you on as an unpaid intern and consider not turning you in. "Win-win" isnt supposed to mean you win twice!

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