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Rudy Park

Published 2016-07-03 (Image 144703)

Sadie, I just read that the moon used to be a lot closer to earth. You? "Read"? Yes, I read all the time. It takes you that long to read a book? Now thats not nice, Mrs. Cohen. We dont have to go at each other all the time, do we? I dream of a day when you and I can let bygones be bygones, embrace one another, and give each other the respect each of us deserves. Nothing doing! Come on, Sadie. Dont you ever wonder how happy we could be if we called a cease-fire? How about it? ... Friends? (Sigh) Why not ... Great! Now, I read that billions of years ago, the moon was much closer. You were there, is that true? Cease-fire over!

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