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Rudy Park

Published 2016-06-26 (Image 144348)

Hello, youve reached Gavrilo OLeary. If youre calling because youre the aliens in the UFO I saw through my telescope this morning  and youd like to share the secrets of the universe with me, press one. If, on the other hand, youre calling to see  if Im home ... and if youre going to abduct me, probe my nether regions, implant a tracking device in my spleen and then wipe my memory so I cant report any of it ... press two. Boop. Oh, hello. Thank you for pressing "one." This is Gav. Im ready to be enlightened. Oops. I meant to press "two." My bad. I see a blindingly bright light coming in through my window and my whole house is shaking. Maybe you guys could try just Facebooking me the info instead?

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