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Rudy Park

Published 2015-10-25 (Image 133540)

Harrison Ford, no question. Tom Selleck, without a doubt. I dont care if they did offer Selleck the role first, Ford was a much better "Indiana Jones." Ford was ok, but his character was less than manly. What are you talking about? Thats ridiculous! Harrison Ford was the definition of eighties manliness! Youre telling me the "definition of eighties manliness" could run around the world for weeks and months at a time ... and never once grow anything more than a little stubble? I think maybe youre a little biased about the whole "big giant mustache" issue. Likewise, my patchy little stubbly friend. On matters of great import, even the philosophers must sometimes agree to disagree. STOP!!! All the greatest philosophers had big mustaches, you know.

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