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Rudy Park

Published 2015-10-04 (Image 132596)

Whats in your ostrich burger? 100% ostrich, gouda cheese, lettuce and tomato and mayo. Is it real gouda cheese? What do you mean "real"? Is it made from the milk of Dutch cows? I suppose it is. What type of lettuce is it? Green leaf? Iceberg? Romaine? Oak leaf? Butterhead? Romaine. And the tomato? Is it Roma? Cabernet? Granny Smith? Bush Goliath? Azoychka" Arkansas Traveler? Delizia? Cherry Brandywine? Black Krim? You ask a lot of questions. Arent I entitled to know what Im putting in my body? Of course. I didnt mean to imply otherwise. What kind of personality did the ostrich have? Was he an outgoing bird? Id really love to just five you the bird right now.

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