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Rudy Park

Published 2015-05-17 (Image 126205)

Were back, baby! Oh, no. Todays Special. Latte + 1hr. Web. $12.50. Ill have Jell-o. Make that two Jello-os. Were celebrating. The old lady and I are back together again. What? How dare you?! Im only four months older than you. Youre on thin ice, darling. Oh, Im on thin ice, snookums? Am I the one who invited his freeloading sister to live with us without even a discussion? Am I the one who "accidentally" left the gate open so her husbands beloved dog could run away? ... Dear? Youre the one who incessantly rubs all that in my face ... Darling pudding-pie. Make mine for here, but make his to go. No, make mine for here, but make hers to go. Sorry, Im breaking up with both of you.

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