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Rudy Park

Published 2015-03-08 (Image 123164)

Hello, meathead. Oh, thats so adorable. Hello, Sadie. "Adorable"? I just insulted you. I just informed you that Im aware youre a complete birdbrain. Youre a simpleton, Randy Taylor. Haha  youre the best, Sadie. Im glad youre around. I dont think you heard me. Youre an airhead. A loon. A schnook. A numbskull. A noodle. A saphead. A dimwit. A moron. An oaf. A turkey. A fathead. A doofus. A dodo. An ignoramus! Youre from a long line of ignoramuses. I knew your great-grandmother. She used to wear her bustle upside-down. She was so dumb she put her dentures in backward and ate herself to death. But at least when she was alive, she had the pleasure of your company. Oh. Oh, never mind. See you later. I call it "wearing a coat of charmer."

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