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Nina's Adventures

Published 1999-10-10 (Image 782)

"Talkivist"  Im an environmentalist!  Huggies.  A rebel thinker! … So I hate disposable diapers.  They use up trees and clog landfills … But theyre so comfy for the baby!  And they really are convenient - As a Mom, I need all the help I can get!  Its sad that trees were cut down for our backyard playset ... But its worth it, for the kids!  I detest these new gas-guzzling Suburban Utility Vehicles." But Im shopping for a family now, plus I need to take the kids to day-care!  Televisions just awful!  But it keeps the kids busy and out of trouble ... Yes, I have to make a lot of compromises as a parent ... Mommy, I wanna a Furby ... But, its all worth it, cause Im raising the next generation of rebels!

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