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Nina's Adventures

Published 1994-06-03 (Image 5609)

Anarchy, at its most basic level, simply means no one is fit to boss over anyone else.  I personally ascribe to--  Cut!!!  No no no!  Thats not what women think!  This is a womens comic strip!  Editor.  Talk about relationships!  Editor.  You know, women have borne the brunt of the responsibility for contraception for millennia!  Now we have the medical technology to give men vasectomies and they still wont--Cut!!  That wont do at all!!!  Here, read from this script!  "My boyfriend says if I lose 15 pounds, hell buy me a new dress!  Maybe if I lose 150 pounds, hell buy me a car!!!"  Better, better...here try reading it this way!  Perfect!!  Thats exactly what women think!!

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