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Nina's Adventures

Published 1994-04-01 (Image 5608)

Yuck!  I hate condoms!  Well, you could always get a vasectomy.  Are you nuts?!  Clutch!  You already decided you dont want children.  Whats the big deal?  I still want the option of having children!  I mean, what if something happens?  "Something happens?"  Yeah!  Like what if some catastrophe happens like a plague or a war or an alien invasion or something that kills off 99.9% of the human race and Im the only surviving male and Im solely responsible for the continuation of the species!  What then?!  I see your point, the risk is just too great.  Plus, what would the pope think?  I know, I know!  This doesnt address S.T.D.s, but its something to think about anyway.

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