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Nina's Adventures

Published 1994-01-14 (Image 5607)

Ninas Mailbox.  Hi!  Im Nina, and I live in a P.O. Box!  Remember a few months ago when I asked you all to write?  Well, the response was overwhelming!  Its great to get reader feedback!  I can learn so much about my audience!  For instance, I never realized how many of you out there in readerland were in prisons and mental institutions!  Apparently a lot of you have nothing to do but obsess on cartoon characters all day!  But guys--I am a cartoon character!  Two-dimensional, ink-on-paper, barely 2" tall!  And I can only mate with other cartoon characters!  So, confidential to J.S., T.R., M.J., M.I., C.K., E.Y., M.O., U.S., and etc:  ...Sorry, fellas--itd never work!  Your postage stamps, on the other hand...  Elvis Presley.

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