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Nina's Adventures

Published 1990-08-01 (Image 2356)

… And now for some propaganda from Ninas Adventures entitled "Why the War on Drugs?"  With the "cold war" supposedly over, the U.S. needs something to do with our military weapons - and what could be more convenient than attacking our own citizens evil drug producers?  After all, if we stopped using our weapons, all those poor helpless weapons manufacturers would be out of a job!  Just look at what might happen!  Merry Christmas, Bobby!  Thanks Dad!  But what I really wanted was a GI-Joe War Set with Nuclear Rocket Launchers!  I know son, but since those selfish liberals took away my job at the weapons plant, all I could afford was a box of gravel!  Dont forget to support the U.S. tobacco industry!  Dad, when I grow up Im gonna be a fighter plane pilot and blast all those selfish liberals to smithereens!    Ill drink to that, son!  Dont forget to support the U.S. liquor industry!  Merry Christmas, Dad!  Support the War on Drugs!  Sniff.  How touching.  Choke.

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