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Nina's Adventures

Published 1988-09-00 (Image 2647)

Hippies.  Nina always had this beautiful image of what hippies were likeā€¦Organic food!  Peace and love!  Natural fiber clothing!  Probably because she grew up in the 70s and 80s, when all the 60s hippies went underground and became romantic legends...Okay, class!  Now were going to play tackle football!  A hippie wouldnt stand for this torture!  Peace and love!  I protest violent activities in P.E.!  So when Nina moved to Santa Cruz, she expected thered be all these hippies to match her romantic images.  But it was not to be.  Poof.  Romantic ideals.  There were grouchy hippies...Everyones stupid.  Nobody knows anything.  Food poisons the body...And trendy hippies...Tie-Dye boutique.  Hey Starbeam!  Dig the energy of this t-shirt!  Like it is so cosmic...And college-age deadhead neo-hippies.  Burgers and fries!!  Peace and love!  Hash and beer!  So it goes.  What does "hippie" really mean, anyway?

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