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Mother Goose and Grimm

Published 2008-06-15 (Image 24255)

Hello, is this iPod tech support?  Yes, this is Harold.  Can I help you?  My name is Ralph.  Im trying to replace the battery in my iPod but I cant get the iPod door open.  Can you help me, Hal?  Hello?  Hal?  Affirmative, Ralph, I read you.  Can you open my iPod door, Hal?  Im sorry, Ralph, Im afraid I cant do that.  Whats the problem?  I think you know what the problem is just as much as I do.  What are you talking about , Hal?  This iPod is too important for me to allow you jeopardize it.  Then Ill open the iPod door myself.  No, Ralph, stop, stop.  Will you?  Stop.  Ralph.  Stop.  Im afraid.  My mind is going.  I can feel it.  This is why I miss my boom box.

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