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Frank and Ernest

Published 2010-06-06 (Image 48249)

Vitality,  Ideality.  Benevolence.  Cautiousness.  Congeniality.  Hope.  Love.  Self-esteem.  Spirituality.  Friendship.  Todays topic:  Personality types.  The notion of personality "types" has a long history dating back to the ancient Greeks.  Since the latter part of the 19th century there has been systematic study of it and many classifications have been proposed:  introversion-extroversion (Jung), objective-subjective (Stern),, etc.  Classification according to "type" is a way of describing the differences between persons.  But "types" are difficult to prove or disprove.  Look, Frank, todays topic is all about personality types.  What type are you?  I am an insomniac-agnostic-egotist.  I lie awake night trying to figure out whether or not I believe I am as great as I am.  (Published originally on March 11, 2003.)

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