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Frank and Ernest

Published 2006-02-19 (Image 13100)

Random Conversations in the Shopping Cart.  Cantaloupe.  Hooray!  I made it from the produce aisle to the cart -- I survived the school of hard thumps!  Im glad they didnt get that angel food cake  I had such a holier-than-thou attitude!  Thats incredible!  This box of animal crackers is bottomless!  Every time one is eaten, a different animal appears!  Reincarnation Animal Crackers.  Lifes not fair!  Ill go bad in a few days, but the bologna will live on for weeks!  Strawberry Jelly.  Dont talk to me about fairness!  These fresh strawberries will be bathed in luscious whipped cream, and Im going to be smushed with peanut butter!

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