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Frank and Ernest

Published 2004-03-21 (Image 6811)

Frank & Ernies Microbiotlc Dating Service.  Frank, do we have any matchmaking success stories lately?  Some.  Look -- That old blue blood and the young, vibrant endorphin have started a May-December romance.  And, surprisingly, the brain cell and the heart cell are going out together.  Wow!  That is a big change!  It seems like those two never see things the same way!  Another change is the nerve fiber ... Hes a lot calmer since he started dating that laid-back tryptophan molecule.  But we still have lots of work to do.  Like what?  Like finding a match for the DNA molecule.  Thats one in a billion!  And then theres the carbohydrate -- He used to be very popular, but nowadays nobody will go near him!

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