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Frank and Ernest

Published 2003-03-23 (Image 3215)

Academy Awards.  In honor of the Oscars, today well discuss classic movies with film scholar, Dr. Ernie.  What did you think of "The Deer Hunter", Dr. Ernie?  It should never have been shot.  "The Apartment" won multiple Academy Awards, yet many people have never seen it.  Should they get the video?  Do not rent "The Apartment"!  .... And "The Bridge on the River Kwai" ...?  It started okay, but then it didnt hold up.  How about "From Here to Eternity"?  ... It won eight Oscars!  I thought that movie would never end!  Ernie, we havent found a "best picture" film you like!  Can you say anything good about non-winners?  Well, Hitchcocks "North by Northwest" had great direction and I was crazy about "Psycho"!

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