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Frank and Ernest

Published 1998-06-14 (Image 69785)

Ernie, Howd...Howd my date go last night? It was so-so. What was...What was she like? Gorgeous! Very chic, very nice. And wh...Where did we eat? That new Italian place. It had the Ziti and she had the calamari. We both had spumoni for dessert. Food and service were great and the atmosphere was fantastic! Did you...Did we go anywhere later? Yes, a long, moonlit walk in the park. So why...Why did I say the date was "so-so"? I spent four whole hours with her, eating a nice meal, strolling in the park, driving there and back...and believe it or not, she didnt way three words the entire evening! I can believe it, Ernie.

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