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Published 2022-08-07 (Image 195092)

I was walking along the sidewalk minding my own business … Dr Noodle … when a cop stopped me and ticketed me for walking without a drivers license. Then he took me to jail and held me there for seven hours. May lawyer found out hes done this before, almost always to black pedestrians. I tried really hard to understand why he does that. I thought "maybe hes just incompetent. Maybe hes emasculated at home so he overcompensates at work. Maybe he was trained to do this and so its not his fault. Maybe the Mandela Effect is real and he came from an alternate universe where walking without a drivers license actually is illegal. People often go to great lengths to avoid noticing this particular elephant in the room. Im told its awfully rude to accuse people who do racist things of being racist. (Originally published on 2018-01-14)

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