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Published 2021-10-31 (Image 191202)

Dear so-called Journalist … Im sure youll agree that the most sacred aspect of journalism is the quotation. If you deliberately misquote someone, you lose all credibility. Well, in your recent race-baiting smear attack on Mayor Cyst, you misquoted him! You wrote that a cop pulled him over, and the cops bodycam caught the Mayor saying Im not drunk, you ******. Well, I watched that video, and Mayor Raymond Cyst NEVER said, asterisk-asterisk-asterisk-asterisk-asterisk-asterisk! A. As a policy, I do not spell THAT word. And B. Id think youd be less upset about that and more upset about having a racist Mayor. Have you no SHAME? He NEVER said THAT word! Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.

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