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Published 2021-05-30 (Image 188800)

A lot of people dont understand why Starship does that belly-flop thing when it tries to land. Ive tried to explain it to people a bunch of times. If it fell vertically, the air would only be pushing against a surface area of 70 meters squared, so its terminal velocity would be pretty high. But since it flips onto its belly, the oncoming air pushes against 545 meters squared of surface area, so the Starships terminal velocity is much lower. Explaining that with words just doesnt cut it. Though, cause some people need a visual demonstration in order to learn new information. Bruh … you expect me to believe thats why yhou did what hyou just did at the YMCA? Smack! Everybody at that pool now has a better grasp of the importance of maximizing surface area. I never seen nobody bounce off the water before.

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