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Published 2021-03-07 (Image 187149)

The media-financial-tech industrial complex is all rigged against the little guy, Lemont. Big hedge funds bet that a companys stock will fall. They borrow shares, sell them ... and their analysts go on tv and trash-talk the company, hoping to drive down the stock price so they can buy it back at a lower price, return the shares to the lender, and pocket the difference. Its called short-selling. Last month a bunch of normal people noticed short-sellers were about to trash Gamestop, so they turned the tables on the short-sellers by buying tons of shares, driving the price way up. Thats when the Robinhood trading app stopped letting regular people buy the stock. So outraged people wrote 100,000 negative reviews about Robinhood! ... and then Google deleted all those reviews. I think Id be 75% more outraged if Id understood more than 25% of what you just said.

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