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Published 2019-06-16 (Image 178092)

Oh no! Whats wrong? I tweeted a sarcastic insult about Brian Blount, my nemesis in the race for class president. So? So  the sarcasm didnt come through. All my followers think I was praising him. Oh. Yeah, well sarcasms tricky online. Oh no! My followers are all confused about where my loyalties lie. Oh no!  Some of them are calling me a sellout, theyre saying theyre disillusioned! Oh no! Now theyve split into two factions. Those who say Im a sellout and those who say maybe Brian Blount isnt so bad. Just tell them you were being sarcastic. Ok. Oh no! Now theyre saying Im being defensive and must have something to hide! Say the media took you our of context. Ok. Oh no!

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