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Published 2018-07-08 (Image 172486)

Hello, youve reached Feudalbanc Massacard. This is Ryan. How may I hinder you? Hi Ryan. Im looking at my statement and I see a $598.210 charge from House of Java Café. Id like to dispute that charge … No, I dont have a receipt. I only bought a cookie so I could use the bathroom without risking them calling the cops on me ... because I was in a hurry to get into that bathroom, so I didnt have time to wait for a receipt ... What do you mean you cant help me? So what if I dont have a receipt? Think about it Ryan, who would ever spend $598,210 in a cafe?! Thats not even humanly possible! ... No, I dont have a sick, perverted coffee bean fetish. Let me talk to your supervisor, Ryan. Ok, hold on, please. (Click) Hello, this is Mohinder. How can I mohinder you? I know its you, Ryan.

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