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Published 2018-02-11 (Image 167702)

Told you fellers Trump would make America great agn. He werent lyin, neither. At&T gave out bonuses. Sure they laid off a buncha folks at the same time, but twasnt none of them me, so that dont count. Wal-Mart gave a buncha workers raises  An they laid off a buncha folks at Sams Club at the same time, but twasnt none of them me, go that dont count. MAGA. Over a hundred companies are givin out one-time $1000 bonuses an sayin its cause of the billions of dollars in tax cuts they got. During the last gilded age, the robber barons sometimes handed out pocket change to the poor. They were placating the masses who wanted to break up their huge, unscrupulous, slave-wage-paying corporations. Sounds like fake histry to me. Just saying, $1000 isnt much to pay for pitchfork insurance. We eat the poor.

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