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Published 2017-08-06 (Image 160565)

Your latest article was a little confusing, Lemont. Whats confusing about my having solved Fermis paradox? Ive single-handedly explained how the universe could be filled with civilization, even though weve seen no evidence them. Did you know theres a possibility our universe exists within a black hole? ... and every black hole in our universe may contain an entire universe of its own? Ive heard that. And did you know that people ultimately just cant stand those who are different from them? Dont you see, Susan? There is no paradox. When a civilization advances far enough, it doesnt fly to other stars. It thinks much bigger. It creates a black hole and vanishes into it so it can have a whole universe to itself. They could shape it and write its natural laws however they want. The Berniezoidians could have a whole universe full of single-payer healthcare, ... and the Trumpmagans could have a whole universe full of no undocumented immigrants. Oh. I was just confused about the part where you wrote "The Trumpmagans still insist Mexico will pay for the event horizon."

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