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Published 2017-07-16 (Image 159772)

Cool shirt. You gonna watch the new Star Trek tv show? No way! Its a horrible show and its going to fail! What? Why? All the angriest people on the internet agree with me. It looks to much like J.J. Abrams J.J. - Trek nonsense … Its a scam to distract from CBS suing fan film creators ... O ... K ... it looks too advanced to be a prequel, the bridge is on the bottom of the saucer and not the top, the Klingons look stupid ... O ... K ... I guess I can ... There are too many minorities on it ... its on CBS All Access instead of on broadcast or Netflix ... Wait ... What?! I shouldnt have to pay $6  month and watch it where they want me to watch it. They should give it to me how I want it! Didnt you just get all racist for a second? It should be free. It shouldnt force "diversity" down my throat. I should be able to see it on the channel I want to see it on. There! Right there! You just did it again!

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