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Published 2017-07-02 (Image 159209)

You ever think maybe the world wouldve been better off if wed lost the Revolutionary War? Seriously? You gonna say that right before the Fourth of July? Its just a thought experiment. You scared of thought experiments? C-Dog aint scared of nothin. All right. Lets say France never helped us win the revolution. Wed have lost. Britain probably still wouldve freed the slaves in 1833, so ... No civil war. No backlash to reconstruction, so ... no KKK. France wouldnt have drowned in debt. Their monarchy wouldve lasted longer, so ... no Napoleon. No Napoleon, no threat uniting German nationalists, so ... no World War I or II ... no Hitler. No Manifest Destiny, so no genocide of Native Americans. The UK wouldnt have turned to the Middle East and Africa to replace its lost holdings, so ... no carving up the Ottoman Empire, no chaos in the Middle East, and no ISIS. Bruh ... if you dont wanna loan me $20 for fireworks, just say so. Wed probably still have black licorice. No getting around that.

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