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Published 2016-09-11 (Image 147720)

Remember that time Donald Trump tried to "reach out to black voters"? Of course. That was just last month. The same day he tried to "reach out," he was asked about his "Make America Great Again" thing. They asked him what period in American history was "great." Trump said the 80s and the Industrial Revolution era, which was in the 1800s. In the 80s, there was that "drug war" that put more black people in jail than white people for havin basically the same drugs. Plus we had to wear them short gym shorts. No dude should wear shorts that short. Ever. For a couple obvious reasons ... An if theres one way to reach out to black people, its to tell us the 1800s was good times.  Just to be fair, theres no evidence he actually knows what happened in the 1800s.

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