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Published 2016-03-20 (Image 140250)

President Trumps State of the Union Address: My fellow Americans, the state of the union is unbelievable. Its yuge! They said it would be small, its yuge, believe me. One guy down here isnt applauding, and the cameras probably showed him. They didnt show the tons of people who clapped, they probably showed this one incompetent loser down here. Anyway ... They keep talking about this $500 billion deficit with China. Theyre winning and crying, boo-hoo, boo-hoo, like a bunch of weak little babies. Well this deficit is going away. You wanna know why? Because its not gonna happen. Well talk about that later. But first, we have to talk about this lightweight senator in the third row. Look at him. Hes a nervous basket case. He looks like a weak little clown. And were about to knock out ISIS, you know how? Like Truman. Patton. Im going to pick up the phone, and forget about it, theyre gone. Hey, loser, wake up. Youre supposed to clap for that. What a clown. Click.

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