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Published 2015-02-22 (Image 122695)

"Your thigh bones connected to your hip bone  Your shoulder bones connected to your neck bone  Your neck bones connected to your head bone  Now hear the word of the Lord!" James Weldon Johnson wrote that almost 100 years ago. Yeah, well  I still dont see why its James Weldon Johnsons fault you just had to pay $5,000 to get your teeth fixed. Its obvious, Lemont. For 100 years, theyve been indoctrinating us at an early age into not considering teeth to be an integral part of the body. Thats what lets health insurance get away with not covering dental. I bet the HMOs paid the guy not to even mention the tooth bone. Its the only explanation for such a glaring omission. First of all, Im not sure "tooth bone" is a thing ... which is proof that a century of brainwashing works.

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