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Published 2012-12-02 (Image 90097)

2012. TV these days is mindless garbage! I mean  1967.  It used to be high-brow, but now TV is off the cob and made for no one but miscreants and lobbygows. 1944.  I mean, radios nothing but mindless gobbledygook for doll-dizzy fellas and khaki-wacky dames. In the old days, we had Vaudeville. Now that ... 1867. ... Was ace-high entertainment. Dagnabbit, these new fangled plays are bosh compared to the old minstrels mpappy used to take us to. Now that ... 1692. ... Was music. Thy new "clarinet" is an abomination! Lo, it hath ruined the very concept of music for all time. Verily! It paleth in comparison to the old baroque chalumeau. Noweth that .. 2,000,000 B.C. Groog moogog snort bam-bam book aaaka!

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