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Published 2012-01-15 (Image 74809)

When I was a kid, astronomers doubted whether there were planets anywhere other than our own solar system. Now weve found hundreds, and evidence is mounting that there may be two billion earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. We just found one thats only 600 light-years away. Life is tenacious. It pops up everywhere. Even on my shower curtain. Odds are, these 2 billion earths have life on them, and this one thats 600 light-years away ... We have the knowledge right now to create a generational ship that could get people there in less than 1,000 years, if we wanted to. It used to be insane to believe theres alien life out there ... no its insane not to believe it. I call dibs on their natural resources. You should call dibs on cleaning your shower curtain.

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