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Published 2011-08-07 (Image 63977)

Pardon me, sir, are you Norquistian?  Whats a Norquistian?  Here, its our Good Book.  You might want to start with our Ten Commandments.  "1.  Thou shalt not raise taxes.  2.  Thou shalt not raise taxes.  3.  Thou shalt not raise "  Interesting.  What happens if you keep all the commandments?  Norquist 19:85:  "And lo, the rich shall use their tax cuts to hire the poor.  Wages will rise, employment will rise, and manna will trick down from on high and shower all the peoples of the land in prosperity."  Oh ... but weve been cutting taxes for ten years, and non of that has happened.  Quite the opposite, actually.  That is because we are NOT STRONG ENOUGH in the faith.  We must cut even more.  Not sure I buy all this.  You heathens shall be left behind while we, the faithful, shall one day be trickled upon.

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