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Published 2011-05-15 (Image 60879)

This is Loserbanc Massacard.  Mr. Brown, our records show you have an outstanding balance of $1,198.  Loserbanc?  You guys charged that off way back in like 1994.  Do you know what year this is?  You guys fell of my credit report a decade ago.  How would you like to rectify the situation?  I wouldnt.  But .. .the moral thing to do is pay us what you owe us.  How "moral" was it for you to make me pay thousands more than I ever borrowed in late fees, mysterious "finance charges" and your sky-high APR?  Our terms were legal.  Well, its also legal for me to refuse to repay a debt that you charged off so long ago.  I can accept payment over the phone.  Good for you!  I can tie my own shoes.  Our mommies should give us each a cookie.

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