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Published 2011-04-10 (Image 59402)

Do you really think Kelly is capable of loving you?  Huh?  Kelly says all the right things to make you feel she needs you and understands you better than anyone ever could.  That shes your "soul mate."  She makes you feel alive.  Thats why you stubbornly ignore all the signs that show she odes not love you.  Shes using you to fulfill her own need for power and control.  Thats why every time you show her shes got you, she gets bored or annoyed and stops talking to you.  Make no mistake, when shes not talking with you, shes seducing other people.  The act of winning a mans unconditional love is the ultimate high, for her.  It makes HER feel alive.  Shell be back as soon as she tires of them or thinks shes losing you.  But i text her every to tell her shes losing me, and she still hasnt come back.

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