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Published 2011-03-28 (Image 59012)

Facebook.  Messages.  From Sasha Mitchell.  Hi, Lemont, I know youre not there cause youre at your custody hearing.  But I want you to come home to this message:  I know youre worried youll lose, but   Youre a good man, Lemont, and I have faith in you.  Besides, theres a sign:  Your lawyer, who had no faith in your case, disappeared.  And his six-year-old nephew took over, and you say hes doing a surprisingly good job.  Nothing is so persuasive as the heartfelt words of an innocent child.  His taking over your case was a sign, Lemont.  And signs are important.  Nah, Im here.  Had to get a 2-week continuance.  My lawyer has the chicken pox.  Signs are overrated.  Tap tap tap tap tap.

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