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Published 2009-10-18 (Image 39842)

The other day I found out my wifes been cheating on me for six months and I cant stop thinking about the other man.  I want to find him.  I see.  Its only natural.  But its important to realize that the other man is not the cause of your problem.  The problem is that something about your marriage is dysfunctional or unsatisfying.  Rather than face it, your wife looked elsewhere for a solution.  Youre doing the same thing by pretending the other man is the problem and if we were to just go away, that would fix everything.  You have to choose:  A short-term fix that feels great but wont last, or a long, hard, painful look at the unhealthy dynamic you and your wife cheated.  I just meant I think she left my golf clubs at his house.

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