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Published 2008-12-28 (Image 28949)

Congress considers bailing out yet another failed industry.  Maybe your industrys obsolete.  Ever thought of that?  What if Congress bailed out the horse and buggy industry in 1890?  We wouldnt have cars today.  What if Congress had bailed out Medieval scriveners?  The printing press never wouldve gotten off the ground.  A. Bunker, FEAR, Inc.  With respect, there, Senator… (a), My industry aint never gonna be, whachacall, "obsolate."  Sure, you got yer fancy-pants "hope," an its all new an shiny, an evry meathead wants ta get his mitts on it.  ...but all it takes is one good attack, or one serial killa, an WHAMMO!  WE... are back in STYLE!  ...An (b), there werent no Congress in them Medieval times.  Dont get smart.

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