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Published 2008-02-03 (Image 21418)

1994.  Polls show most state voters are pro-choice.  Romney for Senate.  I will protect a womans right to choose…  2007.  Polls show most primary voters are pro-life.  Romney for President.  …to have the baby.  1994.  Voters increasingly support gays.  Romney for Senate.  Strong is my support for gays in the military...  2007.  Polls show voters oppose gays in the military.  Romney for President.  ...to keep their mouths shut.  1994.  Polls show voters favor gun control.  Romney for Senate.  I strongly support gun control.  2007.  Voters oppose gun control.  Romney for President.  ...because without control, you cant hit that varmint youre aimin at.  Bless you, poll fairy.  Polls show voters hate polls.  Bless you to hell, foul creature.

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